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Inter-active sessions of English Maths and Holistic Living Classes being conducted at Vidya Vikas Mandal School by WCW under the aegis of Aashna. Classes are conducted on all days of the week for one-and-half hours, before start of school.

Children's Day being celebrated by students of Vidya Vikas Mandal School. Notebooks, pencils, erasers and chocolates were distributed free to the children. Children also enacted skits to bring out different emotions like fear, anger, happiness etcs


Inauguration of the supplemental school education program was conducted on 20th July at the at Vidya Vikas Mandal School. A well attended meeting was addressed by WCW president, project director Smt. Sreekala Warrier, school board members, NSS and Miles2Milestones regional representatives. The trained young teachers were also present. They also had the first class conducted with students

Dear All, World Confederation takes great pleasure in announcing the launch of Project Aashna, a program that seeks to empower the underprivileged through quality education. The project was inaugurated on 20th July 2017 at Vidya Vikas Mandal School. The invitation to the event is attached herewith. We request you to grace the occasion and give your blessings to the endeavour.

Aashna (The FRIEND) is a pilot project for quality education for a few select students of the lower strata of the society. This initiative was conceived by our resourceful team leader Smt. Sreekala Warrier and supported by WCW western region. Based on the feedback of the project it is planned to expand it to other school in the coming years. To kick start the program a workshop was organized to train teachers for conducting the classes. 12 young students of the undergraduate level from Bhavan�s college, Andheri had volunteered for a two day workshop. It was arranged at the home of Mr. Krishnan & Mrs. Mahima Krishnan on 14th and 15th July 2017. The targeted students are from Grade 3 & Grade 4 and the course includes English, Maths & Holisitic living and hygiene. The program will continue till the end of the current school year. The course is intended as a supplemental study along with their normal school program and the school and students are already selected for it. On 14th Ms. Veena was the guide and moderator for the interactive discussion in the first session. The WCW office bearers were also introduced and program outline was generally explained. The second session was moderated by Smt. Geetha Balakrishnan and she had given various guidelines for Maths teaching. On 15th Mrs. Menaka Warrier was the course instructor and she had 3 interactive sessions related to English teaching. Mrs. Menaka works for an educational institution �Miles2 Milestones�, who creates scientifically proven English education modules and supply it across India. The same modules will be used by the trainers for the project. The workshop concluded with a mock teaching session participated by the trainers. The inauguration of the project is scheduled for 20th July at Vidya Vikas Mandal school at Andheri.

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