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MEMBERSHIPS - Resident Organizations

Note for Information Of Membership Applicants (Resident Organization)

1. WORLD CONFEDERATION OF WARRIERS (in brief, mentioned as "WCW" / 'Confederation'), is a new organization promoted by few members of the Warrier Community with active co-operation, support & involvement of many individuals and few organizations of warrier community members established & functioning in different parts of India & even overseas. The confederation has already been registered under the Societies Act, 1860. Application has also been submitted for its registration under the Public Trusts Act.

2. Apart from individual members of the community, membership is now also open to all organizations of warrier community members, established & functioning anywhere in the country or overseas, under the category of 'ORGANIZATION MEMBERS'.

3. Applicants should agree to accept & abide by the objects & bye-laws of the confederation & any amendments thereto from time to time.

4. Admitting an organization as a member shall be subject to approval by the Managing Committee (also termed as the Governing Committee) of WCW. In the event of a refusal of membership, the applicant shall be intimated & any fees remitted shall be refunded.

5. The Managing Committee of the Confederation is a body of members duly elected by the General Body of Members. List of present members of the Committee & their contact telephone numbers/e-mail ID's are available on the confederation's website For clarification on any matter, members/applicants are requested to contact. The President or The Gen. Secretary or The Jt. Secretary or The Treasurer, on their e-mails.

6. The entire information sought in the application is to be furnished as it is to be used for creating an exhaustive database of the member organizations. The data, after due processing, will be put on the Confederation's website. The applicant organizations may also provide any additional information about them / their activities in additional sheets of papers

7. The membership application form is available on the Confederation's website & may be downloaded/filled in online & forwarded to the Confederation initially. However, an original hard copy duly signed by the applicant is to be posted to the Confederation, along with a self-attested copy of the registration certificate / Other ID document & other attachments, if any. Only after receiving the hard copy of the application, membership will be confirmed to the applicant.

The time period for processing of the application & approval of membership will be about two months (depending on schedules of Managing Committee Meetings).

8. The objects for which the WCW is established as per its Memorandum of Association & its bye-laws are given on its website. A printed copy of the MOA & Bye-laws will be forwarded to the applicants later along with a membership approval letter. Briefly, the main objects are as under. To act as an apex body of members of the warrier community & also of member warrier organizations to take up projects/proposals to establish institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals, children's & elders homes, etc, which are not generally undertaken by any existing warrier community members or organizations for various reasons, as a project of the entire warrier community & its contribution to the society & the nation. Such projects will be in addition to various institutions already established by a few eminent warriers / their families. The Confederation will also undertake charitable activities and will support & assist other warrier organizations if they plan to set up such major establishments or undertake charitable activities for the welfare of the community & society in general. The Confederation's objects & activities will also extend to supporting & encouraging visibly good talents among the community members or their children & even others, in the fields of education, arts, sports, etc. and such other projects/matters that the Managing Committee / The General Body of the Confederation, will approve from time to time.


9. The fees payable by individual applicants along with the application form are as under presently.

*fees are payable for each financial year or part thereof.

10. Organization members may depute one or more of their office bearers or any other authorized person to attend the General body meetings of the Confederation.Social / cultural organization members shall have voting rights as under at General body meetings.

  • Organizations with membership up to 100 - 5 votes.

  • Organizations with memberships 101 - 300 - 15 votes.

  • Organizations with membership over 300 - 20 votes.

11. Periodic newsletters covering the status of various activities / other details of the Confederation shall be available on the confederation's website from around April 2010. The Managing Committee invites and welcomes all applicants for organization membership & looks forward to all support & encouragements for the efforts & programmes of the Confederation for the common benefit of the community & even others.

12. Receipt of WCW of the duly filled application form along with the applicable fees shall be considered as a token of your approval of the objects of WCW & its bye laws.




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