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WCW- In the war against Covid

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Dear all, Happy to inform that WCW had tied up with Indian Development Foundation (IDF) for distribution of 1000 N 95 masks in the rural belt of Maharashtra. Another 1000 masks are being distributed to the needy in Coimbatore/Kerala.

WCW has also donated an amount of Rupees one lakh for carrying out Covid related tests. This was done through LTMG Hospital, popularly known as Sion Hospital. The funds were used to pay for tests of those who could not afford them. This was done on a special request by the hospital to WCW.

This initiative has been undertaken by WCW as our contribution to fight the war against the raging Covid 19 pandemic that has gripped the world today. With your help and support we can undertake more projects to fight this pandemic. Together we can overcome.

IDF's message to us at

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