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OLD AGE HOME VISIT by Mumbai Region

Karuneswar Old Age Care House – Bhanghar, Waze, New Panvel Health Check up Program was conducted at this old age home today (25/6/2016). Dr.Sujatha had taken the initiative to co-ordinate with her two local associates Dr. Kavitha Puri (Yogi Kripa) and Dr. Savita Sawai of the Life Care Association of Panvel to conduct this program. This was the first program organized by the newly formed women’s wing of WCW. This Karuneswar Old age Care House is home created by a young couple and there elder brother to support parents in the old age. These highly motivated three youngsters adapted 27 elderly people as their own parents; and had invested all their resources to this home. The brothers were supported at their younger age by Baba Amte and got inspired to start this home. This old age home is supported fully by the local Sarpanch and community and a dedicated self inspired group. The institution is lead by Eswer and supported by his wife Karuna and elder brother Santhosh. Karuna’s parents are also doing day to day work at the facility. They had brought happiness to those 27inmates by the care and attention which otherwise they would not have at this age. Many of those 27 people are having parents but have no time to attend their parents. The medical camp had focused basically few things. How can the pain many of them suffering can be reduced. Dr. Kavitha had a presentation with visuals for reasons of pains and suggested exercises to reduce it. Short durations of physical activities were demonstrated to them. Dr. Savitha had explained how the Life care Association was formed and its activities. They can be approached for any medical emergency assistance, blood donation and funeral assistance. All the inmates were physically examined and the report was passed on to the care takers there. The program and the visitors were well received by the inmates and the program concluded around 2.30 PM. The sincere efforts of Mr. Suresh Babu Warrier at Panvel was the reason for the orderly conduct of this program as all other members of our team were coming from far away locations.

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