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Center of Excellence – Workshop on 19 June 2016 by Mumbai Region

Center of Excellence – Workshop on 19 June 2016 by Mumbai Region

WCW had organized the first of a series of workshops today with title: Dimensions of Personal Effectiveness. Today’s workshop had three interactive presentations: The first session was by Sri. KG Kishore Warrier, who is a management consult by profession. Defining Effectiveness – at work and life, was the subject and the deliberations had focused on the three E’s. Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence. It was followed by the second presentation by Sri. Ragesh Warrier who had continued with the same subject but other aspects of Effectiveness in leadership. Decision Making and Goal Setting was his focus. His role model was Steve Jobs of Apple based on its successful evolution as most successful brand. His ideas can be summarized to “Integrity in thoughts, words and action” makes you the most effective person. The concluding session was moderated by Sri. Shashidharan Kutty and his topic was Leadership and Integrity and he had revisited all issues presented by the previous speakers. But his focus was more of a holistic view of everyone’s life with three questions “who you are, why you are and what is holding you back”. While the audience had suggested the more day to answers for this questions the answer in conclusion was “there are no answers”. The deeper meaning of “who you are” is none of suggested answers but at a much higher level philosophically. It needs to be answered not in words but to be realized by oneself. The Zen philosophy and the virtues of absolute silence as the mantra of life are also involved in his presentation. The workshop was conducted at Hotel Vaishali Gardens at Chembur. It was a full day event started at 11 AM and continued till 4.30 PM and attended by 24 active participants. The event was inaugurated by our President Sri. TV Ramachandran and concluded by the Chairman, Western regional committee Sri. T. Vijayan.

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