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TV Ramachandran (Unniettan) 4th Remembrance day

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Four years have gone by since the light that was TV Ramachandran extinguished from this world. The world has witnessed huge changes since you left.  Many organisations and institutions have folded up and disappeared.  But, World Confederation of Warriers, the organisation that you so lovingly nurtured, continues to tenaciously hold on to ride out even this rough patch of the pandemic. This was made possible only by the clarity of your vision and the strength and body that you gave to the organisation. 

On this day of your fourth death anniversary, we at World Confederation of Warriers pledge to hold high the torch of ideals lit by you.  We shall continue to strive to extend our arms in aid of the underprivileged and the needy, bind the members of our community together in a bond of friendship and camaraderie and build institutions to further the goals of our organisation.

We know, you will be showering your blessings on us from wherever you are now.  We bow to the eternal energy that you are. Unnietta, you will forever be the light that illuminates the paths of our lives.

As WCW do every year, annadanam is arranged to the inmates of the govt.old age home Viyyur , Thrissur🙏

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