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WCW Completes Seven Years-Annual General Meeting - 2017

Brief Report On The 7th AGM Held In Mumbai


The 7th Annual General Body Meeting of the members of the World Confederation of Warries (WCW), was held on Sunday 30th July 2017, at Powai, Mumbai

World Confederation of Warriers’ 7th AGM was held in Mumbai on 30.7.2017. As part of the AGM proceedings, power point presentations were made on it’s current major projects, viz. 1. Recently set up low cost Kidney Dialysis Centre at Kochi (at Lakshmi Hospital) 2. Herbal Plants Cultivation, 3. Proposed WCW Centre at Mavelikkara (all in Kerala). The presentation also included a major special educational project recently launched in Mumbai titled Aashna, devised to empower a new generation of students coming from poor families and background, to outshine in studies and in society. For the AGM, special invitees were present as Chief Guest, Special Guest etc. apart from participation by WCW Central, Western Region and Kerala Region Committee members etc. Delegate from Warriers Group in Baroda also attended apart from a large number of members and their families from Mumbai as also few other persons (non-Warriers and non-Malayalees) who are associated with WCW’s various projects. The Chief Guest Mr. Kumaran Nair, a prominent businessman, educationist, social worker and philanthropist from Mumbai as also the special Guest Mr. Upendra Menon, another leading Keralite businessman-cum-social worker engaged in multifarious activities in Mumbai, appreciated the variety of charity and other activities WCW is presently engaged in both in Kerala and Mumbai. They were extremely appreciative of WCW teams who with dedication are handling the projects. They also assured of all possible help to enable WCW to progress further. Another Special Guest, Mr. Prem Kumar, a Corporate Executive and a well-known musician assured special help to organize musical/other programmes for fund raising for WCW’s projects. There was a separate post-lunch session in which members from the audience were invited to give their views and suggestions to improve and expand WCW’s activities. 10 persons participated in the discussions and their observations and suggestions were noted. A unique annual feature during WCW’s annual meetings is recognizing and giving awards to persons associated with WCW for their outstanding contribution for development of WCW during the year completed. This was the second year such awards were given and the recipients this time were: 1. Mrs.Sreekala Warrier 2. Mr.Ram Mohan 3.Mrs.E. Seetha 4. Mrs. Veena C 5. Mr. N.V. Balakrishnan (all from Mumbai), 6. Mrs. Subhadra Soolapani 7. Mr. P.K.R. Warrier and 8. Mr. Hari Kumar (from Kerala) It was the selfless and highly effective efforts of the said persons which has enabled WCW to achieve present level of progress in its activities. During the meeting there was also mention of WCW’s regular current charity activities like medical and education aid, health and eye check-up camp, aid to an Old Age Home near Panvel etc. The meeting also considered and approved the minutes of WCW’s last meeting held at Trichur on 10.7.2016 as also the Income and Expenditure Account for the year 2016-17 and the Balance Sheet as on 31.3.2017 and they were all approved and passed by the meeting.


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